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Training Videos In Customer Service

July 18th, 2016

Training Videos Make The Best Customer Service Videos

Walk into a big electronics store, and an assistant will usually approach and ask if you need any help. At that point, one of two things will happen.

If you haven’t researched the product, you will need help but you won’t know how to ask for it. You won’t know which features you’re supposed to examine or how to tell one gizmo from another. You’ll be so dependent on the technical knowledge of a teenager in their first job, that you’ll often say “I’m fine, thanks,” and the assistant will leave you to browse the shelves alone, looking for something that appears right.

Alternatively, you will have researched the product. And when you ask the assistant about CPU speeds or transfer rates, you’ll find that they have no idea what you’re talking about. You know more about the product than they do.

Whichever of those events occurs, the result is always a challenge for the seller to make a deal and for the customer to leave with the product they need. The knowledge gap between the customer and the company is too large for an easy conversation to take place.

In the previous post, we saw how a customer’s missing knowledge represents an opportunity for engagement. Companies can use those learning moments not just to communicate information but to build a relationship. The same is true of the missing knowledge of staff members.

We’re often asked to produce training videos for companies. We might explain the financial products that they need to sell to customers or introduce a new tool that sales staff are expected to use. For Migdal, one of Israel’s biggest insurance companies, for example, we produced a video that explained the features of the company’s sales app. We knew that agents were already using the app, but we wanted to make sure that they were aware of the app’s newest features and were making good use of them.

Like a customer training video, we knew which information we wanted to convey. But we also had to consider how that information would be communicated. Insurance agents have plenty of pressure and little time, so the information needed to be simple, interesting and easily absorbed. The animated walkthrough that we created took a complex tool and made it appear straightforward enough for agents to want to use. The agents were able to feel that the company was educating and training them, giving them an asset that would benefit their careers as well as the company.

But we wanted to do something else too. When customers talk to insurance agents, they often know very little about the products on offer. They depend on the agents to explain to them the different policies and financial products that they can buy. As we planned that training video, we wanted agents to feel confident and knowledgeable enough to want to pass on that knowledge to customers. We wanted the customer to feel the same sense of trust and gratitude towards the agent for making the smarter that the agent felt towards the company.

All training videos have the goal of raising sales and improving performance. But they should also raise the quality of the staff, ensuring that they can better serve their customers.

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