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Vered Levy-Ron
VP Business Development at Landa Labs

"...ASTELO's work as a content strategist concentrated on the American market and offered high profile executives and decision makers with a professional yet easy to understand communication kit. 
We got a full service solution - from the wonderful concept, through the content strategy, to the actual video creation (which combined onsite filming with teachers and students, as well as additional content with actors and animation). Omri put it all together in an inspiring and professional way! I highly recommend working with ASTELO."

eyal feldman
New generation business apps entrepreneur

ASTELO makes things that seem complex become simple clear and fun. If you have a product or service and you are looking for this simple very creative sharp message that will make a difference, ASTELO are the guys for you.

Michal Ron Gavish

Omri is very creative, has a great eye and aesthetics run in his blood! 
ASTELO respects the clients point of view and time table :)

Lilach Ben Artzi
Digital Marketing Manager

I worked with ASTELO many times on many projects. They are gifted in simplifying complex content, delivering a powerful message and in generating client engagement. ASTELO creates and practices unique client experience methodologies in their work and offers full service from consulting and creative strategy to the development and the production of digital communication tools we work with (videos, tutorials, simulators and apps). Most important, Omri and his team are not only professionals, they are very creative and FUN to work with!

Clients & portfolio


We started to work with GENERALI France in 2013, offering them with our consulting services.

Shortly after showing our strategy, we started to develop prototypes that gave our client a real taste of the products.

They loved our demos and our ambitious project is now on it’s way! Yeay!

It wasn't too long after we started to work for GENERALI France that the headquarters in Italy saw our work and asked us to be a part of the international innovation team. It’s such a privilege to work with these open minded people and to let our creativity take one of the world’s leading insurance companies to a whole new level of communication.

Cécile Tardieu
Client & Broker Relationship Leader chez GENERALI Global Corporate & Commercial

Omri a des qualités d'écoute et de compréhension humaine exceptionnelles ; il a vraiment de sens de se mettre à la place du client ! J'ai notamment travaillé avec lui pour réaliser des vidéos sur des sujets sensibles (accidents, décès...), ainsi que sur la conception générale d'un site web.

Francois FEQUANT
Responsable Expérience Client et Business Multicanal chez Generali

I was fortunate to work with Omri on an ambitious project for Generali France, restructuring client experience for digital sales and customer cross-channel approach. Within few weeks, Omri and his team properly comprehended the internal complexity of Generali France (offers, distribution, organization) and were able to deliver our customers a simple and efficient experience, enriched with attractive content. 
The most important thing I took away from my experience with Omri, is his magical ability to make complex things easy!

Carline HUSLIN
igital Transformation and Multichannel Customer Experience Director at Generali

I had the opportunity to work with Astelo on the redesign of our website. We wanted to completely review the way we talk about insurance to be focused on the client and his/her needs before pushing them solutions. Our goal was also to redesign our website in a multi-channel approach. Astelo accompanied us on with an approach focused on the customer experience and the emotion that we create. Their expertise in digital and multi-channel customer experience have allowed us to leave our prism to take a customer perspective. The human qualities of the CEO (Omri) were a real input to facilitate exchanges between the actors involved in the project, allowing us to become aware of the importance of the customer experience we offer to our clients.I recommend Astelo at 100% 


Now this project is very important to us, as it has the potential to save the lives of many people all over the world. Did you know diabetes was declared by the UN as the worlds biggest plague? over 350 million people suffer from it, and its growing rate is faster than any other disease! Over 5 million people die from diabetes complications every year, and the saddest thing is that more and more children get it. Our project includes a series of films, infographics, tutorials and application that can help to bring awareness, prevent diabetes and help those who have it to manage the disease.   


One of our nicest clients! COSEV@D is a young company located in the heart of Paris that specializes in direct insurance. We started our work with COSEV@D in 2013, offering them our consulting services. Our strategy included interactive solutions for the direct agents, enabling them with some new tools to enhance their sales and client relations.  

Sophie Briolat

I worked two years with Omri to enhance the customer and digital experience of our customers on our website. Omri and his team are real experts and it was a real pleasure to work with them. They were really creative, they understood really well our business and presented relevant actions to help us. In the future, I will definitely work again with him if I need help and I recommend Omri and his team to anybody who needs marketing, digital, customer experience and sales advice.


We’ve been working with Migdal (Israel’s biggest insurance company) since 2006.

We work with many departments in this huge organization, offering them with different solutions, such as films, tutorials and interactive content tools.

Zohar Steinfeld
Media Marketing Manager

"...I think about all the projects we worked on together and smile. I remember the satisfaction and the success. I managed dozens of projects, big and small, easy and complex ... Working with ASTELO always falls into the most enjoyable category. The accuracy, flexibility, humor, fairness, transparency, patience, his time and project management skills, leadership and responsibility are always expressed with ease and eloquence. 

Once you work with ASTELO it's hard to go back to what you knew before. "

Clalit HMO

Clalit is Israel’s first and biggest HMO.

They gave us some of our biggest challenges- to help parents prepare their children to surgery.

After research, we came up with the idea to produce a catchy muppet song that will show 2 different layers of information: one for the child, and one for the parents.

Lior Wolff
Head, e-Health Wing at Clalit Health Services

Omri is a professional. He is dedicated, creatively surprising and knowledgeable. The project was well managed in its preliminary stages as well as on the set and during post-production - and delivered on time.

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Want to Order a Workshop or a Presentation?

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Every month, we tackle one content topic over four weekly emails. Sign up for FREE!